Valletta Hotel : Malta Hotel in the city of Valletta.

01 October 2020
Valletta a City Built by Gentlemen for Gentlemen

British Hotel - 40, Battery Street, Valletta, Malta
 Tel: +356 21224730 Mob: +356 99768250 

Contact Information

Hotel British
40 Battery street

Tel +356 21224730
or +356 21239022/3
Mob +356 99768250


‘Munich’ the film directed by Steven Spielberg was filmed at the hotel in 2004. The film company had 3 days of filming in various areas of the hotel. The actors amongst other were Eric Bana, Daniel Craig, Geoffrey Rush and Ciaran Hinds. The hotel was booked by the film company for a whole week in July. One of the explosions was filmed in a flat owned by the hotel.

‘A different Loyalty’ was partly shot in Valletta street close to the hotel in 2003 and actress Sharon Stone and Rupert Everet were each booked a room in the hotel where they could freshen up whilst filming took place.